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Bliss Yoga Salzburg Yoga teachers in studio training 200 hours

Invest in your passion



Whether you aspire to a promising career as a yoga teacher or just want to take your practice to a whole new level, our 200-hour yoga teacher training aims to develop your existing practice and teach you the art of yoga. After completing our training you will be able to register as an international RYT 200 yoga teacher and have a clear plan for structuring and teaching yoga classes in studios and events around the world. This intensive training takes you on a journey of self-discovery through a monthly yoga and meditation practice. You will learn the fundamental principles of yoga, the art of teaching, creative sequencing, asana alignment, philosophy, human anatomy and everything about yoga business (branding and social media). You will learn to develop a confident teaching voice and cultivate your own teaching style.


This 12-month training is designed to take you deep inside. Through the process of yoga you learn to activate the inner healer and cultivate the wisdom that leads to true purpose and passion.    


Inspired by traditional breathing practices - pranayama techniques, asana, philosophy - and fused with the modern tools of yoga, movement and the unique teaching and practice style of Bliss Yoga teachers, each weekend will set you on the path to healthy habits, Strength and ultimately to a more vital, more conscious way of life.  


We focus on laying a strong foundation of yogic foundations, both physically and mentally.     



We invite not only those who want to become teachers, but everyone who wants to take their practice to a deeper physical, mental and spiritual level.


Some of the things you will learn:

Bliss Yoga Salzburg teaching methodology
Introduction to Meditation
Introduction to Pranayama
Yoga philosophy and mythology
Science and the Art of "Sequencing"
Principles of anatomy and physiology
adjustment techniques
Use of tools to improve or modify
Posture advantages and possible risks
body language
Identification of skeletal abnormalities in different bodies

How to teach asanas with safe alignment
Practical adjustments for correct alignment
Rhetoric (development of teaching voice)

How to formulate direct, clear and intelligent instructions

How to build smart, innovative sequences

Teaching techniques, voice, communication, spatial attitude

Posture Alignment, Basic Stances, and Key Actions

Refinements to make complex positions accessible

How to get more power, endurance, strength, flexibility and grace in your practice
ethics of yoga

How to teach for all levels
Social Media Tips
Yoga Business (branding, social media)

How to find your voice

Language of teacher training: German


Techniques, training and practice 75 hours


This is the largest hour portion of the training.  This includes many guided exercises that will enhance your experience and your ability to safely and authentically transfer the practice into the classroom.  


Guided practice:  Asana, mantra, pranayama and meditation exercises

Posture Exercises: Optimal posture alignment in numerous yoga poses, as well as key actions/refinements to make complex poses safe and accessible

How to safely gain more strength, flexibility and grace in your practice

Teaching skills/methodology 25 hours


This course will give you the confidence, knowledge, and enthusiasm you need to share this practice with others in ways that can transform and impact their lives. When intention, attention and action combine to create the reality of your true potential, there is nothing you cannot overcome!


communication skills

How to give clear, direct and intelligent instructions

How to teach asana techniques and alignment

How to observe the alignment of different bodies

How to create a class imbued with yogic philosophy and your heart's message

How to build intelligent sequences that are powerful, dynamic and balanced

How to teach from your authentic self (this program is not about memorizing scripts. It's about understanding the principles of alignment, sequencing, and teaching so you feel confident in creating original classes and to direct).

Business aspects of teaching yoga (including marketing and law).

 ...and more


Anatomy & Physiology 30 hours


The anatomy syllabus for the 200 hour training includes:


Learn to name the most important body structures such as muscles, bones, joints and organ systems

Introduction to biomechanics, including planes of motion, how body regions relate to each other, the effects of gravity on body structures, and kinematics.

Introduction to the fascia and fascial planes (anatomy courses)

Introduction to the nervous system and its relation to yoga practice

The anatomy of the breath

Injury prevention and consideration of special population groups

Integrating the anatomical knowledge into the yoga teachers, the sequencing and the development of the cueing


Yoga philosophy/ethics/lifestyle 30 hours


Introduction to the basics of yoga and the yoga lifestyle

Introduction to yoga philosophies and traditional texts

Mantra and Puja

value of values

Internship 25 hours

Practice teaching 

Receive and give feedback

Watch others teach and take notes

Help students while someone else teaches

methodology of teaching

Professional development

Practical lessons

15 hours of elective classes

Chakra Sequencing

Gods and Goddesses of Yoga and how to use them in your classes?

Health yoga basics

Yoga basics for pregnant women

Time schedule

Saturday: 08:30-17:30 -1h30 break (45 min/ 1 hour lunch, and 2 smaller breaks)

Sunday: 08:30-17:30 - 1h30 break (45 min/ 1 hour lunch, and 2 smaller breaks)


October 7-8

November 18-19

December 9-10


January 20-21

February 10-11

March 9-10

April 6-7

May 4-5

June 8-9

July 6-7

August 31 - September 1



With unlimited annual subscription for all Bliss Yoga classes €3650.

Program inclusive services


The price includes the cost of the 200-hour teacher training course as well as the 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification.


At least 1 class with Zsofia oonline or in person


Appreciation for detail, precision and high standards. A willingness to receive and give constructive feedback, to laugh at yourself and to grow as a person.



After successfully completing the training, you will receive a final certificate from the Bliss Yoga Salzburg teacher training course for the 200 hours you have completed. In this way you can apply for accreditation via the Yoga Alliance and become a registered yoga teacher (RYT 200). For more information, see


11 weekend compact 12 modules: Total 3000 € 
· Payment in installments possible in  3x 1000 euros,
· Payment: 1st installment before the start · 2nd installment after 3 months · 3rd installment after 6 months


Cancellation without a valid reason is up to 4 weeks before the start of the training minus the 20% processing fee possible. Training costs will only be reimbursed in the event of illness/accident upon presentation of a medical certificate minus 20% processing costs until late. before the start of the training. The cancellation is made in writing before the start of the training to Cancellations after the start of the training cannot be considered. The registration is binding and the training costs already paid will not be reimbursed in the event of unexcused absence. In the event of an interruption in training due to illness or serious circumstances, the training can be continued in the following year.

Our yoga teachers

Patience, dedication and love for your practice and others


This is where character is formed and the teacher becomes the teacher. As teachers, we simply share our practice. A good teacher is not about him or her, it is about the yoga practice and all the many benefits we gain from practicing yoga properly.

Zsofia Araczki-Horvath

Zsofia A. Horvath

Vinyasa yoga

For me, yoga connects everything I have always loved: people, movement, stillness, psychology, philosophy. So why not share what has always been most important to me with others?

More about Zsofia


Erin Ramsay

Strong and Deep

Erin comes from the USA and she is an E-RYT500 teacher. She loves teaching Power Yoga and Dynamic Vinyasa classes. She is also specialized in Meditation techniques. She is a kind empathetic teacher and her classes are highly enjoyable.

Anna Mona Rutzinger

Anna Mona Rutzinger

Back fitness yoga

For me, yoga represents a far more holistic approach than western medicine. In my classes I try to encourage the participants to listen to their body and mind and to feel the great strength that lies within them.

More about Anna

Julia Langgartner

Julia Langgartner

Mom Baby Yoga

Yoga for me is...

My "drive-on", an anchor, connection (to myself and the whole world), inner peace,

A way to get knowledge of who I am & who i want to be And also a way to get more width & to create space – physically & mental.

More about Julia

Giuliana Gattuso

Giuliana Gattuso

Gentle yoga

For me, yoga means bringing my body and mind into harmony.

e after day constitution I love it both

to integrate dynamic as well as static, calm elements into my practice.

I would also like to bring this mix of variety and individuality to mine

Passing on to yoginis and yogis.

More about Giuliana

Lisa Tomasek

Lisa Tomasek

Feetup Yoga

According to the motto "heart over head" I would like to open up new perspectives and perspectives for you with a lot of fun and energy. FeetUp is more a matter of trust than a feat of strength. Face the challenge and broaden your yoga horizons with me.

More about Lisa

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