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For a detailed class description click on the class in the table. 

How do I book a course?

Our blue colored classes are suitable for beginners, more relaxation and breath work. Our yellow classes are more suitable for intermediate or advanced yoga practitioners. 

Online booking: 

You must now log in with your access data. If you haven't registered yet, you canhere read everything important.


If you are logged in, you can now select the activity (e.g. a class, course, workshop or even a retreat).

To participate in an activity you need a valid card or membership. If you haven't already purchased a valid card, you can now purchase a new product to use to pay for the class. You simply select the offer that suits you best, for example a single ticket or a 5-ticket and then click on "Choose payment method". Here you can also redeem a voucher or discount code and see the cancellation policy.

Now click on continue to complete the booking process. When you buy a new product, you can now choose between different payment options. Confirm the process by clicking on "Book now".

You will then receive a booking confirmation via email, in which all the details of your booking are summarized in detail.


You can view all booked activities in your account under the menu item Bookings > see upcoming bookings. Simply click on your name at the top right.

IMPORTANT: if you have booked an online class, you will see the link under your bookings. From 15 minutes before the class starts you can click on it and you will be forwarded automatically.

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