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Zero Waste Workshop with Agnes from

Hi! I am Agnes from .


My new year's resolution was to go zero waste by the end of this year. First, it seemed very overwhelming, but on the way, I realized that it is actually very easy. I take every day a little step to reduce my waste. I am not 100% wasteless yet, but I try my best.
We will discuss what was my inspiration and motivation to change my life around. We will talk about easy swaps and tricks. We will talk about the difficulties and how my surrounding reacted to this. (Spoiler alert! very positively.) You can also ask me anything you would like to know about living with less waste.
After the talk/discussion, we will make together some self-made laundry detergent. It is very easy, fast and cheap, you can prepare it at home any time afterward.


Check out the Etsy Shop of Agnes!







30 Eur

Bring a friend: 55 Eur for two!


Also expect afterward a Clothing Swap! You are free to bring your clothes and exchange it in the Studio for other clothes!  This is a great way to do a bit of spring cleaning & re-vamp your wardrobe while catching up with friends. 

  • One item of clothing equals one swap ticket. You can claim one item per ticket.

  • Exchange your tickets with other clothes!


Garage Sale Clothes
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