Healing flow

When I finished my teacher training I was set on being able to teach powerful classes that sought people to find their boundaries and move beyond them. It wasn`t until I finished a further training course "Gesundheitsyogalehrerin" (Yoga therapy or Health Yoga in simple terms) that I truly understood how some people are able to cry after a hip opening class, or finally feel that "ah ha" light bulb moment. Our first training weekend was on how to read people and their bodies in composing a plan in which to help "heal" certain problems. We did an amazing hip opening sequence that had me motivated to plan months of upcoming classes. I was hooked, and my view on yoga changed.

Don`t get me wrong, I still teach, and love attending a good dynamic yoga class, but now when I teach I take more time on the simple things. I try to make the breath an important component of the class, the movement, and of simply being. I try to teach, or at least make people more aware of their breath, of their body and to be able to recognize from the simplest hiccup when something is wrong, when the body is out of harmony.

That is what this "Yoga therapy" or Health Yoga aims to do. Illness or body complaints happen when our body or our souls

are out of harmony with each other. Learning to read your body, your strengths, your weaknesses, is having the ability to live stress free, ailment free- and honestly, isn`t that what we all want?

Now I am not saying this is a miracle class that will take away your burnout, chronic backpain or migraines away in one class, but what it will do is to help you cope with your ailment, while teaching and training your body to get ride of it.

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